Language Services

Our collaborative journey in language training has uncovered areas where our partners seek assistance. Building upon this insight, we've tailored supplementary services to meet these needs.


Interpretation Services

We perform various types of oral translations, from discreet whispered interpretations for intimate gatherings to precise consecutive and simultaneous interpretations.

And if you need the gear to make it all happen, we’ve got you covered.

Written Translations

We provide both standard and certified translations, in a wide variety of languages and areas of business and industry.

Our expertise covers a wide spectrum, including but not limited to commercial, marketing, financial, and legal documents, as well as instructional materials, websites, and many more.


Language Proficiency Assessments for Job Candidates

We have the expertise to assess the language proficiency of potential candidates for your company.

Our evaluation methods encompass online tests and thorough language audits conducted through direct interviews, whether online or in person.

Verification of Employees Language Competencies

Prior to selecting a specific course, we offer support in assessing the level of language proficiency of your employees.

This initial audit forms the basis for the decision to work with us, ensuring a tailored and effective language training syllabus.


In addition, we provide text proofreading services, regardless of the translator’s nationality.

This is particularly valuable when translating into another language, especially for specialized documents.

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