Language Courses for Businesses

We recognize the value of employee development, and language classes
are one of the key motivating factors.
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Classic Language Courses

At Lingopro, we offer general, business and specialist training under methodological guidance. Our courses start with language audit which cosntitutes the basis for prepation of a customised course program. Throughout, we maintain strict quality control over the syllabus.

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Project-Based Language Courses

Beyond conventional language courses, we provide project trainings. Our expertise can be a significant asset, whether you're expanding into a new foreign market or require support in mastering industry-specific language.

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Conversation classes/courses

Engage in conversations with native speakers, attend online or in-person meetings, or opt for one-on-one discussions for managers between meetings. We customize our approach to suit your organization's needs.

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We manage the entire course cycle, providing comprehensive administrative support, which includes:


You'll have a dedicated course coordinator who communicates with participants in the language they're learning or the language your employees use daily.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

If a group needs to cancel or reschedule, simply inform the course coordinator with a 24-hour notice to avoid additional costs.

Term Tests

At the end of each semester, we conduct tests to measure progress and identify areas for improvement.

Lists of Participants

Provide us with a participant list and email addresses, and we'll verify their language proficiency and schedule convenient class times.


We assess participants' language proficiency to form groups with similar levels, ensuring a comfortable and engaging learning experience.

Periodic Reports

We offer regular reports on progress, attendance, evaluations and costs for selected departments or divisions, with the option for more detailed reports upon request.

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Identifying Needs and Expectations

We kick off by conducting a thorough needs analysis and goal-setting process which ensures that our services align precisely with the client's expectations.


Language Audit and creation of groups

All employees undergo a comprehensive language audit, which enables us to create groups of participants with similar proficiency levels.


Choosing the Right Tutor

For subjects or industries that demand it, we carefully select instructors with specialized knowledge and experience in the relevant field.


Creation of a Customized Program

We monitor progress of our students closely, if necessary, conduct more frequent tests and provide reports.


Start of Classes

Once all formalities are complete, we launch the course, tailoring the class schedule to the group's preferences and needs.


Monitoring Progress

We monitor progress of our students closely and, if necessary, conduct more frequent tests and provide reports.

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